Prayer flags

In Buddhism, prayer or prayer flags are pieces of rectangular color cloth in high mountain areas of Tibet. The flags are printed with prayers and images that appear in groups of 5 colors: blue, white, red, green and yellow, that symbolize sky, air, fire, water and earth. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. The flags do not bring prayers to the gods but, dragged by the wind, the prayers will spread goodwill and compassion throughout the ubiquitous space.

The work presented at the Biennial is inspired by this Tibetan tradition with an European character: less symbolic and more conceptual. The Flag is made with natural materials, biodegradable and with high quality. The length is about 20 meters. They hang 25 banners grouped in 5 series (5 original colors) that, in this piece, are represented by the concepts (in catalan): «hope», «harmony», «wisdom», «love» and «thanks». These concepts are printed in woodcut on old cotton recovered and partially comes from our families. The flag is designed to degrade in stages, first, inks, then, the embroidery and, finally, the fabric.

Work in collaboration with Eliana Hoyos

Prayer Flags photos,



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