Flower flows (Spartium junceum)

The Spanish broom is a very common plant in the Mediterranean landscape. Its has a quite vigorous stalk with a precious flower. The plant is used to make as essential oil, yellow dye or clothes.


This broom offers you best flowers during the period May-July. I appreciate its fragrance and intense yellow color because its captures your senses easily and pleasantly. I make the harvest of flowers in the morning for some hours and I keep them separated bags to retain its freshness and color. When harvesting I try to be careful with insects and snails that usually can be found on petals.

The Spanish broom is quite invasive and not protected plant. You can find everywhere and its use do not have any ecological negative impact. The use of the flower is quite ephemeral because in a couple of days it decays leaving no visible track.

Flower flows

In this work I wanted to remark the presence of water on three elements of a forest: trees, soil and stones. Water finds and creates paths to keep flowing. Water makes on different natural elements holes, trenches and channels in a very subtle and delicate way, like a «touch» of a petal. The idea of flower flows came into my mind just playing with the color contrast on woods and experimenting with the toughness of materials. The intense yellow color brings to the composition the strength that can’t be seen when water shapes slowly on natural objects. The use of Spanish broom in these pieces also gives me the opportunity to work with this plant which I personally love and I think it is quite underestimated.

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