Memento mori

Anniversary of death or Memento Mori is an altarpiece that refers to the passage of time, rituals, acceptance of mortality and the dialectic between rational theology and cosmogony. The altarpiece is a triptych that combines pictorial and three-dimensional elements. The work is a mixture of materials (wood, concrete, wax, steel, paper, silk) and techniques (drawing, typography, sculpture, carving, graffiti). 67×116 cm

The altarpiece encompasses various thoughts of Western and Eastern philosophy, and two readings can be made: horizontal and vertical. Each of these is subdivided and contains elements that refer to concepts or ideas. In the vertical division we have three stages (from left to right): death, life potential, renaissance. In the horizontal division we have four stages (from bottom to top): the earthly, the carnal, the conceptual and the soul. The elements that make up the altarpiece are: (1) the account of days and anniversaries: 25, 50, 100; (2) The materiality, flesh and bone with a note from Leibniz in German: «Dialogue of the relationship between things and words»; (3) the conception symbolized by a uterus with the reminder in Latin «memento mori»; (4) irruption in the world of the lives of a baby with a note from Leibniz «on monadology»; (5) tetrahedron with silk buds symbol of wisdom-universe and fire; (6) Candle consumed as an energy transfer; (7) fragments of polychrome bark, coffin with sign of infinity or the continuity of life; (8) Skull with Bindi, the third eye, sixth Chakra of wisdom and power output; (9) sperm as seeds in a pure sky.

Piece of art available to purchase.

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