Face to face

They say the face is the reflection of our spirit. Communication is established by looking into the eyes of the other person and our emotions are expressed in a facial way. Each face denotes an origin and a life experience, we are all different, we are all the same. Masks serve humans to hide, but what if we put them on natural beings? Are they hiding in the back too? Or maybe thanks to a mask we come across an unexpected interlocutor? Precisely, this is the central idea of ​​this artistic proposal, not to hide anything, but to face things. Paradoxically, putting a mask on a natural being makes things easier for us, anthropomorphisation puts us in touch, stimulates our empathy, makes us see other things in the human dimension, and helps us understand beyond. With the masks we have in front of us not only a few trees but someone else, we can understand each other, look each other in the eye, talk about it, observe ourselves in silence. The proposal is not aimed at admiring an aesthetic work, it is intended that the mask disappears in the communicative act, like a medium, to connect us with nature, with the forest, with the trees. Put them face to face.

Shaman Spirit is the activist side of the prior project. The aim of Shaman Spirit is to make more visible the ancestral connection with the natural environment. The mask transforms people into something else: a god/demon, an animal, a natural being or an ancestor. Traditionally, masks were our smartphones. A device that helped us to communicate past or transcendent knowledge into the actual world. I began wearing masks myself, then family and friends, and now I am looking for anyone fighting for global issues like environment, peace and human rights. Wearing a shaman mask can enable other people be more conscious about the distance between us and the natural world in comparison to our ancestors. From the contemporary art, especially with my Land Art praxis, I want to erase the wall that separates nature and culture in the modern world.

The installation does not affect the structure or the biology of the trees.

This project was included as well in the performative Festival Al Ras (Konvent 0) in 2021.

Educational project: Masks workshop

Media said:
Diari de Tarragona
TV3 (Minutes 59:58 to 1:00:39)

I have done more than 50 mask last years for different projects.



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