Sumi-e landscapes

Sumi-e is an ancient pictorial and calligraphic technique from China that was introduced in Japan thanks to Zen monks in the XIV century. Sumi-e painters try to draw an idea in few strokes.

I begun to experiment with this technique in 2017 and I have developed my own style. This is because of living in Europe and having a complete different art background in comparison to traditional painters. Working with transportable size Japanese papers, Indian ink and in a meditative state of mind, I can work in nature without leaving any mark or modifying it. I only touch the landscape with the sight. These are issues that worried me much as a land artist. This technique allows me to reduce everything to the basic perception catching the natural perspective. Simplicity and honesty of the artistic action and creation are relevant virtues I want to put them into my work.

My sumi-e paintings where hosted and presented in public for the first time at Centre de la Cultura de l’Oli de Catalunya in October, 2020. Here, I present some of my sumi-e landscapes. Somehow, being surrounded by nature after meditation enables me to catch the essence of the world like a haiku poet.

You can buy an original sumi-e painting from 20€. Ask for the complete album.
If you want me to invite to paint, please contact me at:


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