Shaman Spirit

This project is the continuation of «Face to face» proposal in which I placed dozens of mask on trunks in order to make nature visible to the people. Shaman Spirit is the activist side of the prior project. The aim of Shaman Spirit is to make more visible the ancestral connection with the natural environment. The mask transforms people into something else: a god/demon, an animal, a natural being or an ancestor. Traditionally, masks were our smartphones. A device that helped us to communicate past or transcendent knowledge into the actual world. I began wearing masks myself, then family and friends, and now I am looking for anyone fighting for global issues like environment, peace and human rights. Wearing a shaman mask can enable other people be more conscious about the distance between us and the natural world in comparison to our ancestors. From the contemporary art, especially with my Land Art praxis, I want to erase the wall that separates nature and culture in the modern world.

Some of the masks are now installed permanently (until own decay) at Serralada litoral near Òrrius: (41.55929767819859, 2.342687975556813).

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