Ephemeral and environmental

This is a collection of ephemeral and environmental artworks I have made between 2015-2021 mainly in Catalonia, but here can be found as well interventions from France, Andorra and three islands: Canary, Balearic and Iceland. Works here presented are not set in a chronology. They are distributed by places or materials. If possible, images of decay are shown as a part of the work.

From my point of view, ephemeral environmental art is the essence of any kind of art in nature. This form is magical, a pure creativity flow. Thanks to the things found in the landscape (leafs, branches, etc.) I try to stablish a personal and true relationship with a specific environment.

I am very concerned about ecology, therefore I like working in a minimalistic way, altering the landscape as less as I can. The habitat of the animals and the beauty of the place should be taken into consideration. If one can’t improve or dignify the environment, it’s better not to touch a stone.

If you want to purchase a copy of any of these works, please contact me at: ecosatori@gmal.com

Copies are like originals because the «artwork» has disappeared already. The only think that remains from the intervention is a photograph that becomes the artwork in absence of the matter. From each intervention, there are 3 exclusive different takes you can choose to enlarge up to 50×70 cm.







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