Ladder to heaven

This permanent sculpture won the Oliverart 21 prize and is located at Coll de Bovera, La Granadella. This region has a strong connection with olive oil because it is one of the major producers of the «liquid gold» in Catalonia.

The sculpture is made of several wooden ladders about 2,5m meters high and in its base there is a carpet of olive bones. This artwork refers to the multiple generations of people that harvested olives in this area. Each ladder sustains other ladders making a single one symbolizing prosperity (direction up). Ladders used for olive harvesting are very specific, they look like triangles with a wide base. For making this artwork I used found pieces of wood and that allows me to return to «arte povera» in relation to environmental art.

I want to emphasize with this artwork not only the connection between ladders and this landscape, but also the connection between ladders and the olive culture.

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