The three ages

«To place doors in a field» is a common expression in Catalan language to say that something one can’t be avoid. It’s a culmination of the absurd, like thinking that being surrounded by nature makes us connect with it. Driven by the pandemic situation, I wanted to investigate this “return” to the natural environment that has not actually happened as such. The doors I have placed in the field are cage doors. This cages are the place where we are locked. We believe that nature gives us freedom, but it doesn’t happened. Being surrounded by nature does not make us free, we remain closed in ourselves. The three doors in a field, then, represent the three ages of the human being: childhood, adulthood, and the old age, because we have all, since far ago, a confined spirit, unable to connect with the wildlife.

Installation presented at Art & Gavarres 2021

Comment 1

  1. Carlos de Gredos 15 diciembre, 2021

    Estéticamente y conceptualmente son perfectas pero si las hago mías, hubiera dejado en una de las tres un hueco, aunque fuera estrecho, para que el «ladrón» pudiera entrar y salir. Todos tenemos la llave.

    Me gusta

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