Biennale of Land Art, Andorra 2021.

The project Keyset is an expanded artistic setting, located in nature and formed by 15 differently shaped big keys. The keys are distributed in a 300 sqm area and have a QR code that takes to specific contents of environmental education. 

González says the pandemic has been useful for being aware of how we hurt nature. We yearn for it but we destroy it, we want it but we are not ready to live with it. Therefore, nature is the key. But it is a key for a keyhole we cannot find.

Keyset gives a double environmental message: art and education. 

The key symbolizes the entrance. It is a valuable and safe-conduct object. Unmistakably, keys have not evolved much and are still appreciated possessions in cases of emergency.

Visitors may walk around the key area, living the visual experience of being among big keys and playing the game of reading a QR code that will take them to an expanded environmental knowledge. It will be an artistic and educational immersion.

The facility contains 15 keys, between 1.5 and 2.1 m tall, made of sustainable forest pine wood.  It is all 100% environmentally friendly and entails no risks of pollution.

The wooden keys are raised as sprouts and branches. They are not metallic but wooden, as a part of the forest. The work is a necessary anthropomorphization to connect with visitors. Nature becomes an ordinary object, like a chair or a table.

The number of keys, 15, is an allegory to the Way of the Cross.

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