25 years

In this page, I would like to show you one artwork of each year since 1997 (the last year in art school at La Massana). Maybe, they are not the most known or even the best of my portfolio, however, I have chosen just a representative work of that time. This selection can easily reveal desires, phobia and concerns. I hope you enjoy this time travelling! If you want to comment of just say something, send me a mail to: ecosatori@gmail.com

Art school male toilet, pencil on paper, 21×30 cm
Exploring the space in a simplified figurative representation.
Last year at La Massana, worried to find my own visual language.

Untitled, ink, and red wine on paper, quadriptych 80×80 cm
Training quick and expressionist drawing in personal diaries.
Underground times and migration to Poland with Krysia. Very influenced by the beat generation.
Trip to Northern Africa. Spending evenings at the Warsaw’s Opera.

Coltrane, sepia pencil on paper, 20x30cm
The entire year studying Kandinsky’s writings. Still remains «illustration style» in this cubist-abstraction artwork.
Music and specially jazz was always my companion in art. Trying to describe, interpret and express it.
Trips to East Berlin.

Untitled, pencil on paper, 20x30cm
Drawing in figurative and symbolic styles. Exploration times and trying other techniques like acrylic and oils.
Settled in Warsaw, hearing Schönberg and Stravinsky compulsively and writing poetry. Influences of Witkacy and Schulz.

Drawn, analogue photography, 50x70cm
First exhibition at Piotr Nowicki Gallery in Warsaw. Introducing photography and film in my works.
Studying at Warsaw’s Film Academy. Playing trumpet.
Trips to Hungary and Sweden.

Windows (#10), analogue photography, 50x70cm
Making pictures from trains’ windows. Influences of Tarkovski and Antonioni.
Travelling non-stop around Eastern-Central Europe. Filmmaking.

Thresholds, woodcut printing, 20x30cm
First engraving. Interested in experimental printmaking with natural materials.
Artistic association with Slawek Konieczniak in Warsaw.

Teeth, woodcut printing, 20x30cm
More engraving studies. The body parts become one of the main interests.
These works were twice exposed in Barcelona after 2010.
Moving to Cracow.

Untitled, oil on canvas, 55x75cm
Painting for two years in the borderline of symbolism and abstraction.
Connections with Kantor and Grotowski theatre. Performing modern dance. Meets Teatr Konsekwentny (now: Teatr WARSawy)
Father died. Trip to Italy with Mariotti.

Pieta, oil on canvas, 20x20cm
Painting small formats, never showing them.
Become zen Buddhist after years of spiritual wander.
Meets José Maria Oñate, Eliana and Rafaela.

Untitled, oil on canvas, 20x30cm
Back to abstraction in different techniques.
Living between Cracow and Barcelona. Writing a lot. Still dancing.
First trip to Switzerland.

Dodecaphonic, engraving on paper, 30x42cm
Stops oil painting. Back to engravings using previous motifs: music and body.
Trying to find himself after years of migration.

Bones, engraving, acrylic and pencil on paper, 30x42cm
Last engravings related to music and body.
Creative crisis. Start using film camera.
Meets after long time with Lluïsot. Trip to Colombia.

Encants vells, Super 8 film, 50″
Completely focused on filmmaking. Enthusiast of camera-editing and found footage.
Birth of his first kid. First short novel published.

Sagrada Família, Super 8 film, 60″
Few works, no motivation for art. Still filmmaking.
Obtained MA in Philosophy. Meets Josep Maria Caparrós.

Untitled, HD, 60″
Contribution to the project Soy Cámara (CCCB)
Financial crisis and stagnation.

Galí, digital photography, 20x30cm
Profesional times of fimmaking and animation. Reporting Barcelona’s music scene.
Birth of his second kid.

From Sketch book, mixed techniques on paper, 20x30cm each.
Back to paper and back to origins of 1997. Sketching to recover skills and observation.
Stop making art, just drawing and photographing.

Toehold, intervention in Montseny Natural Park.
Becomes fascinated for land art. Making small and respectful sculptures.
Middle age crisis (40). Wanted new approaches to art expression.
Meets Kiarostami.

Cor (#3), engraving, pencil, ink and watercolour on paper, 20x30cm
Engraving again and back to exhibitions. Influences of Michel Foucault.
Quit PhD.

Prayer flag, land art installation, Andorra Biennale
First «large» artwork in this field of art. A collaborative work with Eliana Hoyos.
Spending lifetime in nature. Meets Sergi Quiñonero and Pere Moles. Atelier at Blanc de Guix.

Body/Soul I am, typography, pencil and red wine on paper, 50x70cm
More studies of body representation and mystic issues. These works become a counterpart of the land artworks.
Very motivated making art again and working restless.

Mother trees, land art installation, Andorra Biennale
Focused on working in nature with natural materials. Residency at CAN Farrera with the collective Tao Bums.
First essay published.

Face to face, land art installation, Natura i Art
In the search of ancestral ways of living.
Pandemic year. Trying to survive like the rest of the world. Meets Gilad.

Doors in a Field (3 ages), land art installation, Art & Gavarres
Trying new materials and new approaches to land art. Teaching land art.
Being artist full time after 20 years.

Invisible garden, land art installation, Hilarium
A year involved in farming and ethnobotany. Interested in ancient knowledge and crafts.
Much time spent in investigation, refining skills and study of perish materials.
Back to PhD.

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Thank’s for reading!

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