Jordi Gonzalez Castello
Contact: +34 609503760,, Instagram: @ecosatori


Jordi González was born in Barcelona in 1975. He studied Arts and Humanities, Design, Cinema and Philosophy (MA, PhD) in Barcelona, Warsaw and Cracow. As an artist, he has worked in a multidisciplinary way and has exhibited both in Catalonia and abroad.

Since the beginning of his career, in the 90s, he has been linked to various graphic techniques such as woodcut in a free and unconventional way, by adding to the prints a hand finishing (drawing or painting) so having as a result single originals. The most common leitmotiv on paper is the human body, deconstructing and analysing it, mixing scientific inspired images with metaphysic issues.

Since 2015, however, he has opted for more anthropological and metaphysical work with respectful installations, sculptures and interventions of Land Art. He wants to focus on the ancestral relationship we have with nature, establishing a dialogue with the environment and the our culture. A constant of his work is the wabi-sabi aesthetic, because he uses decayed or aged materials with an imperfect finish. This is due to the oriental influences, especially from Japan, that’s why he is a practitioner of zen meditation for a long time.

He has taught at different universities in Barcelona and has carried out numerous workshops with young people, children and professors. In addition, he regularly writes essays and poetry.

He currently lives in Masnou.

This is a list of organized shows. However, I usually perform or install freely in nature or in the urban space.

Individual exhibitions
(2020) Painting: Landscapes of olive oil. CCOC, La Granadella.
(2017) Engraving: Medicine book. Casa de Cultura, El Masnou.
(2010) Engraving: Naissance de la Clinique. La Felpa, Barcelona.
(2005) Photography: We are what we eat. Poczekalnia, Cracow.

Collective exhibitions
(2022) Sculpture: Home sweet home. Kminart, Planoles.
(2021) Sculpture: The Three ages. Art & Gavarres (Centre d’Art Bolit), Girona.
(2021) Sculpture: Ladder to heaven. La Granadella.
(2021) Installation: Face to face. Al Ras. Konvent zero, Berga.
(2021) Installation: Key set. Biennial of Land Art. Andorra.
(2020) Installation: Face to Face. Els Ports. Natura i Art (Centre d’Art Lo Pati), Horta de Sant Joan.
(2019) Installation: Mother trees. Biennial of Land Art. Andorra.
(2018) Piece: Memento mori. Espai Casinet, El Masnou.
(2017) Sculpture/installation: Agnus Dei. Espai Casinet, El Masnou.
(2017) Intervention: Descendants of Cosimo. CACiS, Manresa.
(2017) Installation: Prayer Flag. Biennial of Land Art. Andorra.
(2005) Painting: Fear not. Itinerant exhibition in private houses, Piotr Nowicki Gallery, Warsaw.
(2003) Video: Beach. Piotr Nowicki Gallery, Warsaw.

Art residences
(2020) Centre d’Art i Natura, Farrera.

Publications (in Spanish and Catalan)
Persuasion and manipulation in the audiovisual times. Verbum publishers (2019).
La inmortalidad del superhombre. Genbhu (2015).
Los vagabundos del Tao. 3 digital books of expanded literature (2018-).
Llibre dels successos. Art book (2018).

Educational proposals (in Spanish and Catalan)
Calentamiento global
Mierda de gente
Taller de máscaras
Árboles heridos

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