land art

2017, Walden #1: Cosimo’s descendants, CACiS.

This work wants to highlight (in a metaphorical and radical way) life on the trees, the indissoluble link of mankind with forests because our ancestors were also arboreal. The piece consist on a dozen fetuses hanging from the branches as if the tree was a stork or the fetus was a cocoon shape that evolved from the tree.

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2017, Homage to those who haven’t arrived, in different beaches

An artistic installation that refers to those who haven’t arrived at our beaches in northern Europe. This piece is a tribute to the people who tried to reach our coasts escaping from fear and poverty. Unfortunately, the Mediterranean has taken their souls and their illusions forever, and at our beaches it has just arrived the shame: shattered bodies and small boats.

This installation consists of 24 branches with bony finishing that are an allegory to the bodies and the wooden small boats. Small boats become coffins, so the branch is made of red pine from the Mediterranean. The intention of this installation is to make aware of this tragedy and also serves as a reminder to the beach visitors. “Homage to those who haven’t arrived” is a traveling installation that is designed to be transported and easily assembled on any beach of the Mediterranean.

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2017 – Imperfect circles of Neptune grass, different places at Minorca.

Start point and end point, non claustrophobic, protection without conservatism, avoiding perfection and just opened round. Minorca was the place for working this impermanent imperfect/open circles. From a figurative point of view, this abstract form resembles a cove and horseshoe, both are very representative of Minorca. The sea shore of this mediterranean island offers a combination of materials very attractive: neptune grass, stones, sand, water and salt crystals. Specially extraordinary is Neptune grass, which is endemic of this sea. It allows to make singular works and at the same time make an impression on tourists of how important is this algae for the environment. It generates a lot of oxygen and is the home place for an uncountable number of species. Neptune grass arrives at the sand and creates bumps and covers rocks. The upper layer is pale and dry but inside it’s dark keeping humidity and decomposing. These works were made in emblematic places like Favaritx, Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella and Es Grau. (June 2017)


2017 – Prayer Flag, Sorteny, Andorra, Land Art Biennial. Watch video

In Buddhism, prayer or prayer flags are pieces of rectangular color cloth in high mountain areas of Tibet. The flags are printed with prayers and images that appear in groups of 5 colors: blue, white, red, green and yellow, that symbolize sky, air, fire, water and earth. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. The flags do not bring prayers to the gods but, dragged by the wind, the prayers will spread goodwill and compassion throughout the ubiquitous space.

The work presented at the Biennial is inspired by this Tibetan tradition with an European character: less symbolic and more conceptual. The Flag is made with natural materials, biodegradable and with high quality. The length is about 20 meters. They hang 25 banners grouped in 5 series (5 original colors) that, in this piece, are represented by the concepts (in catalan): “hope”, “harmony”, “wisdom”, “love” and “thanks”. These concepts are printed in woodcut on old cotton recovered and partially comes from our families. The flag is designed to degrade in stages, first, inks, then, the embroidery and, finally, the fabric.

Work in collaboration with Eliana Hoyos

2016 – Autumn leaves, Serralada litoral.

This artistic project has a ritual form. A ritual of gratitude towards nature and especially the trees. I collect leaves of a type of tree, after that, I grind and compact them in a sphere. The sphere is then deposited on the same tree. This ephemeral sphere is diluted with water and wind, and the substance or particles fall on the roots of the tree accelerating the creation of hummus.



2016-18 – Reefhood, Maresme coast.
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