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Memento mori

(CAT) Aniversari de mort o Memento mori és un retaule que fa referència al pas del temps, als rituals, a l’acceptació de la mortalitat i la dialèctica entre la teologia racional i la cosmogonia. El retaule és un tríptic i conjuga elements pictòrics i tridimensionals. L’obra és una mescla de materials (fusta, formigó, cera, acer, […]


Technical and scientific drawing is not considered an art by itself but I disagree. The composition, the precision, the aesthetics and the craft can’t be questioned and deserves much more recognition in our society and in art circles. I adore the anatomical representation of the past centuries when no digital image was possible and I […]

Medicine book

Inspired by Greenaway artworks, I started an long term investigation on body parts. I have a particular way of engraving. I make from one to ten irregular copies and then I work each piece differently and manually using a variety of techniques. The result is that each copy is a single work by itself but […]

The visible man

Super 8 film, 1:30′, stereo, spanish version, 2011. This work is based on the early film theory text “The Visible Man” (1924) by Béla Balázs which is read in off. Balázs claims that cinematography has restored the visibility of men after centuries of being replaced by the written word. This film shows expressive faces of […]