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Sea writtings

This paintings were inspired by the state of the shore after storms in my home town. The lines that remains on the sand made by the waves makes me think about a language, a written signs that means something unconprehensible for us but the sea tries to communicate anyway. There are two different supports: found […]

Seeing Jazz

I love jazz music and from the very begining of my art career I wanted to translate sounds and emotions on paper. Of course, the influence of Kandinsky was very important, however I tried to develop my own language. Mixed engraving technique on paper, 2000-, A4+ to A3+


This is a collaborative piece with Eliana Hoyos. It is a homage to letter A and was acquired by the local government for the El Masnou Public Library.Mixed technique, 2020, 40x55cm.

Zen Landscapes

Sumi-e is an ancient pictorial and calligraphic technique from China that was introduced in Japan thanks to Zen monks in the XIV century. Sumi-e painters try to represent the truth of things in few strokes. I begun to experiment with this technique in 2017 and I have developed my own style. This is because of […]


Colombia peace process series and Katrina series. Mixed technique, 2010-, A2+ to A1

Memento mori

Anniversary of death or Memento Mori is an altarpiece that refers to the passage of time, rituals, acceptance of mortality and the dialectic between rational theology and cosmogony. The altarpiece is a triptych that combines pictorial and three-dimensional elements. The work is a mixture of materials (wood, concrete, wax, steel, paper, silk) and techniques (drawing, […]


Technical and scientific drawing is not considered an art by itself but I disagree. The composition, the precision, the aesthetics and the craft can’t be questioned and deserves much more recognition in our society and in art circles. I adore the anatomical representation of the past centuries when no digital image was possible and I […]