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Sumi-e landscapes

Sumi-e is an ancient pictorial and calligraphic technique from China that was introduced in Japan thanks to Zen monks in the XIV century. Sumi-e painters try to draw an idea in few strokes. I begun to experiment with this technique in 2017 and I have developed my own style. This is because of living in […]

Mixed works

My artworks is full of a mixture of engravings and drawings. Very often, come to light some work that cannot be grupped with others of a similar theme. Here, I present just some of them. © JGC. Originals and Copies available. Contact:


Technical and scientific drawing is not considered an art by itself but I disagree. The composition, the precision, the aesthetics and the craft can’t be questioned and deserves much more recognition in our society and in art circles. I adore the anatomical representation of the past centuries when no digital image was possible and I […]

Medicine book

Inspired by Greenaway artworks, I started an long term investigation on body parts. I have a particular way of engraving. I make from one to ten irregular copies and then I work each piece differently and manually using a variety of techniques. The result is that each copy is a single work by itself but […]