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Sumi-e landscapes

Sumi-e is an ancient pictorial and calligraphic technique from China that was introduced in Japan thanks to Zen monks in the XIV century. Sumi-e painters try to draw in few elements an idea, poem or landscape in a very characteristic codification of elements and representation. I begun to experiment with this technique in 2017 and […]

Mixed works

My artworks is full of a mixture of engravings and drawings. Very often, come to light some work that cannot be grupped with others of a similar theme. Here, I present just some of them. © JGC. Originals and Copies available. Contact:


Technical and scientific drawing is not considered an art by itself but I disagree. The composition, the precision, the aesthetics and the craft can’t be questioned and deserves much more recognition in our society and in art circles. I adore the anatomical representation of the past centuries when no digital image was possible and I […]

Book of happens

Book of happens is an artist book made on japanese paper using typewriter and indian ink. It resembles to the idea of the “Tao Te Ching” in which I wrote and illustrated some of my thoughts about human condition from the spiritual perspective. Download pdf Original text in Catalan 19×26 cm 16 pages (including front […]

Medicine book

Inspired by Greenaway artworks, I started an long term investigation on body parts. I have a particular way of engraving. I make from one to ten irregular copies and then I work each piece differently and manually using a variety of techniques. The result is that each copy is a single work by itself but […]