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Walking art

I prefer the  word “saunter” as described Thoreau in his book Walking to refer to the practice of the Walking art, because the author associates the meaning of walking in a more holistic way, as a way of life and not only a concrete practice of a kind of performance. Taking this into consideration I […]

Half empty half full

The real question is not if you are optimistic or not? The dialectic is objectiveness vs emotion. Why do you want to observe reality in this way? Two half empty/full bottles makes one completely full? Is in fact the empty space a chance to refill the bottle or more room for expansion? All things being […]

Book of happens

El llibre dels successos (Book of happens) Download pdf Original text in Catalan 19×26 cm 16 pages (including front and back) Typewriter, Indian ink, others Unique print Price: 600 €  

Agnus dei (installations)

Sacrifice as a way of cleaning and healing your soul of sins. The lamb is the representation of sacrifice in christian religion and art, therefore I propose two different and symbolic approaches to the lamb of God, the confession and the ritual. The object for representing confession is a Ikea style furniture that can be […]

Prayer flags

In Buddhism, prayer or prayer flags are pieces of rectangular color cloth in high mountain areas of Tibet. The flags are printed with prayers and images that appear in groups of 5 colors: blue, white, red, green and yellow, that symbolize sky, air, fire, water and earth. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, […]


This is an acronym of Gala and Dalí because I used a motif from the painter in Púbol, the  town where his wife lived. This is an intervention looking for the limits of the surrealism using a prosaic object in common places. The result is a disturbing feeling of absence and a metaphysical discomfort that […]