Categoría: Sculptures


Inspired on Thoreau’s book, I have joined under this concept different interventions in woods. These works are the result of interacting with natural objects and elements found in the surroundings. Inspiration comes from the concrete place and the result is an ephemeral work.     More Photos: Toehold Spring flowers Tree dualism Flowing pines Snowballs […]

Agnus dei (installations)

Sacrifice as a way of cleaning and healing your soul of sins. The lamb is the representation of sacrifice in christian religion and art, therefore I propose two different and symbolic approaches to the lamb of God, the confession and the ritual. The object for representing confession is a Ikea style furniture that can be […]

Cosimo’s descendants

This work wants to highlight (in a metaphorical and radical way) life on the trees, the indissoluble link of mankind with forests because our ancestors were also arboreal. The piece consist on more than a dozen fetuses hanging from the branches as if the tree was a stork or the fetus was a cocoon shape […]

Homage to those who haven’t arrived

An artistic installation that refers to those who haven’t arrived at our beaches in Europe. This piece is a tribute to the people who tried to reach our coasts escaping from fear and poverty. Unfortunately, the Mediterranean has taken their souls and their illusions forever, and at our beaches it has just arrived the shame: […]

Enso: Imperfect circles of Neptune grass

Start point and end point, non claustrophobic, protection without conservatism, avoiding perfection and just opened round. Minorca was the place for working this impermanent imperfect/open circles. From a figurative point of view, this abstract form resembles a cove and horseshoe, both are very representative of Minorca. The sea shore of this mediterranean island offers a […]

Prayer flags

In Buddhism, prayer or prayer flags are pieces of rectangular color cloth in high mountain areas of Tibet. The flags are printed with prayers and images that appear in groups of 5 colors: blue, white, red, green and yellow, that symbolize sky, air, fire, water and earth. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, […]

Lanzarote investigations

Inspired by the ways of cultivating the vineyard in Lanzarote, I have investigated the volcanic materials in relation to the sea and the wind, two key elements of the island. Currently, this work is in the documentation and development phase until my stay in the Canary Islands archipelago will last longer and with more means. […]

Concrete Castles: reefhood

Reefhood is a land art intervention. It involves installing groups of sandcastles on the seabed.Sandcastles are like bird houses. Some of the sandcastles will be placed in areas of degraded seabed near Barcelona. So they don’t move around, the sandcastles need to be installed at a precise depth. The installation process is straightforward, but the […]

Autumn leaves

As was remarked in the book “Little Prince” the love for someone or something is equal to the time you spend for he/she/it. This is an act of love, of care, of offering. This artistic project has a ritual form. This is a ritual of gratitude towards nature and especially to the trees. Receiving and […]