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Mother trees

This installation was presented in the 3rd Biennial of Land Art in Andorra 2019. The idea behind this piece is the unbreakable connection between humans and woods. This relation has its major evidence in the japanese praxis of “shinrin-yoku” (forest bathing). The piece “Mother trees” consist on nine trunks and nine clay figures (fetus) which […]

Flower flows (Spartium junceum)

The Spanish broom is a very common plant in the Mediterranean landscape. Its has a quite vigorous stalk with a precious flower. The plant is used to make as essential oil, yellow dye or clothes. This broom offers you best flowers during the period May-July. I appreciate its fragrance and intense yellow color because its […]

Lethal wounded trees

Lethal wounded trees is the name of this urban intervention. Its aim is to remark the harm that vehicles make on trees in the urban space. In the book “The secret life of trees” of Peter Wohlleben is written that city trees are like street children because they are separated from their natural society, beaten, […]

Cosimo’s descendants

This work wants to highlight (in a metaphorical and radical way) life on the trees, the indissoluble link of mankind with forests because our ancestors were also arboreal. The piece consist on more than a dozen fetuses hanging from the branches as if the tree was a stork or the fetus was a cocoon shape […]

Autumn leaves

As was remarked in the book “Little Prince” the love for someone or something is equal to the time you spend for he/she/it. This is an act of love, of care, of offering. This artistic project has a ritual form. This is a ritual of gratitude towards nature and especially to the trees. Receiving and […]