I prefer the word «saunter» as described Thoreau in his book Walking to refer to the practice of the Walking art, because the author associates the meaning of walking in a more holistic way, as a way of life and not only a concrete practice of a kind of performance.

Taking this into consideration I only feel like walking in the natural space. I do not feel I can generate o regenerate anything surrounded by architecture. In the natural space one creates a path and sometimes literally we made tracks by repeating walks.

When walking in the natural space there is an exchange, a flow, and at the same time a claim. My return to the wild. But walking should leave no foot steps behind you.

In my walks I occasionally took eight sticks with their heads painted in red. I placed them crossing the path or the way as a border/fence. Because the act of walking is in a way the act of trespassing physical limits. Just cross the imaginary lines of the maps, even there is no need to jump, just walk.

These 8 sticks makes more evident the walk. Sticks reveal the walk and the place at the same time. After making pictures, I collected them for the next day.

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