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The three ages

“To place doors in a field” is a common expression in Catalan language to say that something one can’t be avoid. It’s a culmination of the absurd, like thinking that being surrounded by nature makes us connect with it. Driven by the pandemic situation, I wanted to investigate this “return” to the natural environment that […]

Ladder to heaven

This permanent sculpture won the Oliverart 21 prize and is located at Coll de Bovera, La Granadella. This region has a strong connection with olive oil because it is one of the major producers of the “liquid gold” in Catalonia. The sculpture is made of several wooden ladders about 2,5m meters high and in its […]

Cradle ark

This is an artwork used for performing. The cradle ark is handmade wooden boat with nine stage clay fetuses on a cover full of laurel leafs. The artist pulls the ark through the sand to the shore. In the water he swings it and sings to the babies. This action is related to caring children […]

Ephemeral and environmental

This is a collection of ephemeral and environmental artworks I have made between 2015-2021 mainly in Catalonia, but here can be found as well works from France, Andorra and three islands: Canary, Balearic and Iceland. Works here presented are not set in a chronology. They are distributed by places or materials. If possible, images of […]

Shaman Spirit

This project is the continuation of “Face to face” proposal in which I placed dozens of mask on trunks in order to make nature visible to the people. Shaman Spirit is the activist side of the prior project. The aim of Shaman Spirit is to make more visible the ancestral connection with the natural environment. […]

Face to face

They say the face is the reflection of our spirit. Communication is established by looking into the eyes of the other person and our emotions are expressed in a facial way. Each face denotes an origin and a life experience, we are all different, we are all the same. Masks serve humans to hide, but […]

After Xmas

The rests of Xmas are usually considered rubbish. In this particular case I took a tree and a leg of pork after consumption and I graved it to make hummus for the little tree. This action is a complain of the enormous waste of the Xmas time. In this way, I want to give back […]


“Baggages” is a collection of visual poems related to movement: migration, holiday trip, voayage, relocation, etc.