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Home, sweet, home

This work aims to reconsider nature as a home (in Greek «oikos» means «house» which derives the word ecology). These houses are sculpted on dead trees in Catalonia, in the Serralada Litoral (Òrrius) and at Pyrenes (Planoles). After some time, the artwork is integrated completely in the nature. Here are some examples:

Disruptive bodies

Investigations for updated people of re-thought culture standards. This pieces are a collection of wooden puppet chunks that helps us to approach to diverse forms of body relations and sexuality in our actual society. This work is inspired by Peter Greenaway, Mary Shelley’s classic novel and of course, Pinochio. Work in progress during 2022/23. Would […]


Biennale of Land Art, Andorra 2021. The project Keyset is an expanded artistic setting, located in nature and formed by 15 differently shaped big keys. The keys are distributed in a 300 sqm area and have a QR code that takes to specific contents of environmental education.  González says the pandemic has been useful for […]

The three ages

«To place doors in a field» is a common expression in Catalan language to say that something one can’t be avoid. It’s a culmination of the absurd, like thinking that being surrounded by nature makes us connect with it. Driven by the pandemic situation, I wanted to investigate this “return” to the natural environment that […]

Ladder to heaven

This permanent sculpture won the Oliverart 21 prize and is located at Coll de Bovera, La Granadella. This region has a strong connection with olive oil because it is one of the major producers of the «liquid gold» in Catalonia. The sculpture is made of several wooden ladders about 2,5m meters high and in its […]

Cradle ark

This is an artwork used for performing. The cradle ark is handmade wooden boat with nine stage clay fetuses on a cover full of laurel leafs. The artist pulls the ark through the sand to the shore. In the water he swings it and sings to the babies. This action is related to caring children […]


This is a collection of visual poems related to movement: migration, holiday trip, voyage, relocation, etc. They were used as scenography in a show in El Masnou in 2018.

Mother trees

This installation was presented in the 3rd Biennial of Land Art in Andorra 2019. The idea behind this piece is the unbreakable connection between humans and woods. This relation has its major evidence in the japanese praxis of «shinrin-yoku» (forest bathing). The piece «Mother trees» consist on nine trunks and nine clay figures (fetus) which […]

Concrete works

Series of concrete sculptures made in 2018. Half empty, half full. Pair of 1/2 wine bottles painted.Block. Serie of concrete blocks with bark. Would you like to exhibit or buy, contact me:

Prayer flags

In Buddhism, prayer or prayer flags are pieces of rectangular color cloth in high mountain areas of Tibet. The flags are printed with prayers and images that appear in groups of 5 colors: blue, white, red, green and yellow, that symbolize sky, air, fire, water and earth. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, […]